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Curated research library of TV news clips regarding the NSA, its oversight and privacy issues, 2009-2014

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Primary curation & research: Robin Chin, Internet Archive TV News Researcher; using Internet Archive TV News service.


Eamon Javers
CNBC Reporter
KQED 08/31/2013
Gharib: in terms of the budget numbers, how does it compare to what the US spent on intelligence a couple years ago? Javers: "The Washington Post" calculated this as best they could. It's very difficult to do because we don't really have historical information, either, just as we didn't have this information in the present day. But their best guess is this makes U.S. spending on intelligence now higher than it was even at the height of the cold war by, you know, $10 billion or so in current dollars. Gharib: Really adds up when you put iit all together.
Eamon Javers
CNBC Washington Reporter
KQED 09/19/2014
Mathisen: So Eamon, is this really the caption on this, how Edward Snowden changed American business? Javers: Yeah, absolutely, the Snowden disclosures as you saw Clapper say right there really led a lot of American companies to reevaluate what their cooperation is here with intelligence and whether it’s good for their bottom lines or not. And it raises sort of an existential question about what companies' responsibilities are here to law enforcement and to intelligence and to the United States versus to their customers. Gharib: What is corporate America's obligation to the country and to their customers? Javers: You know, there is a legal answer to that question, which is that they have to follow the letter of the law and if they get a warrant and have the ability to turn over the information they have to do that. And then there is sort of a moral and political and ideological answer to that question that I'm not qualified to give you. But every company is wrestling with this in a lot of spheres.
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